Invitation to Space EP (AGD002)

by The Outsider

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“These days, whenever I touch my synths and other gear, I feel like I’m being taken on a trip into space. I always feel like I’m doing this kind of space travel, so if the listener can experience a bit of this feeling too, that’s cool. Let’s go!”
- The Outsider


Discrete The Outsider presents his debut EP on AE35´s brand new label. With influences ranging from IDM to Electro Funk, Scott White has established for himself over a decade a solid reputation thanks to a long and prolific musical career on imprints such like like Ghost Technology, Mars Frequency Records, Binalog>>>Productions, Shaded Explorations and Ukonx Recordings.

Delivering the second release of Anti Gravity Device, our analog electro synth veteran originally from West central Florida, now living in Osaka, Japan, signs here a remarkable collection of four classic Electrobass songs inspired by the most advanced Science Fiction TV series and visionary novels.

In overture of the digital pack, the title track, top notch "Invitation to Space" serves up a mid-tempo electro jewel made of deep melodic synths flights, subtle 303 loops and cosmic tones a la John Carpenter over a slow 808 rhythm! Definitively your ticket to Alderaan!

Atmospheric "Nebulizer" continues where the previous tune left us, offering a memorable trip through the galaxy. Build up around a moody yet dense baseline, this melancholic piece enhanced with rich analog layers and intriguing sequences captures brilliantly the futuristic influences of its creator immersing us deep into the universe to the conquest of unexplored planets.Heading intergalactic laments will help you cross turbulences and particles without incident. Based upon punishing drums, mystifying pads, hypnotic arpeggio sequences, warm and urban tones, menacing "Cplus" coming next appears as the perfect soundtrack of a much anticipating movie. Ace!

Final cut "UFO Catcher" turns into a darker affair with its sinister and robotic overtones. Although the beat goes harder and faster, the track remains funky thanks to the use of distorted vocals reminding of Satamile artist E.M.S.

Defining himself as someone who doesn't belong to any particular group, or an unexpected competitor thought to have little chance of success (just like renegade Snake Plisken), he has often been the secret weapon labels were looking for. The Outsider is a brilliant addition to AGD growing and already vital catalog of releases!

- Nexus6


The Outsider returns on new Tokyo label "Anti-Gravity Device", this time with the dark and emotive "Invitation To Space". As the artist himself explains: “These days, whenever I touch my synths and other gear, I feel like I'm being taken on a trip into space. I always feel like I'm doing this kind of space travel, so if the listener can experience a bit of this feeling too, that's cool. Let's go!”. And so here we have it folks, 4 brooding, spacey songs that will indeed take you to a very special place full of mystery and synthetic majesty!

The first one we find here is the title song "Invitation To Space", which goes right back to the '90s analog downtempo sound of artists like Delerium, with deep synth flights, warm, almost acidy bass tones that seem to froth with electrons. A real work of art right here, so listen with care! Next up we find "Nebulizer", starting off with classic arps, and step sequencing, as melodies that seem to have a subtle, almost Japanese touch to them begin to let themselves be heard. Dark and omnipresent bass tones begin to unleash their fury as the 808's kick in and take you to a funky yet inspiring and alluring space party!

"Cplus" begins slow and reminds one of the sounds of artists like Brian Eno, but it all leads to so much more as the Electro Bass beats kick in, and the full and ingenious melodic arrangements reach their full potential. This one is almost sinister in nature, but with a sense of dark wisdom that makes this track a very wonderful listen. Very funky in many ways, but its lush and deeply profound emotive elements really adorn this gem with a classic sound for the 21st century!

Last but not least we leave this fantastic record at Warp speed as "UFO Catchers" reminds us we are not alone out here. Deep 808 bass beats push forward with uncanny determination as menacing vocoders, and intriguing strings create a suspenseful environment that invites you in as much as it seems to tell you to stay out! This song here is the best one of the E.P. for the clubs, but doesn't lack the same careful and complex layering and melodic arrangements that you find in the other songs.

The Outsider continues to build momentum as he continues to release more and more fantastic records full of ingenuity and class in a way that is rare these days. The artist has an obvious connection to the roots of Electronic music, yet holds great vision for how we can push this music forward without forgetting where we came from. Get this record now, and support this great new label by iconic Japanese artist AE35, as well as this amazing new masterpiece by The Outsider.




released March 27, 2014

Cat. No: AGD002
Produced by The Outsider



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Anti Gravity Device Tokyo, Japan

E.L.E.C.T.R.O label based in Tokyo.

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