Electronic Warriors (AGD020)

by Kretz

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Kretzをはじめて聴いたのはSupreme (AGD015) 。
その後、Encrypted Recordsから発表されている音源を聴きあさり、クールでダークな彼の作品に魅了されてしまった。
本作、Electronic Warriorsもノイズで作られたであろうスネアと重く沈むストリングスに完全にノックアウト。同じ種の音楽を作る者として嬉しくもあり、悔しくもある。

- K-Tanaka (Nekon Records / Anti Gravity Device)


Kretzの曲は不思議と何度も聞きたくなる中毒性がある。前作「Supreme」も大分聞いたし、Dave Clarkeもホストを務めるポッドキャストWhiteoiseでヘビープレイしていて、勝手にシンパシーを感じてました。新作「Electronic Warriors」も硬質なリズムとマシンボイスですでに病みつきになってます。クラフトワーク好きは必聴!

- Yoshihiro Hayashi (Tokyo Electro Beat Park)


Kretzの作品はElectroに必要なサウンドが全て盛り込まれているようなシンプルでいて洗練されたKretzにしか出せない音が魅力的で出た作品は全部買ってます。今回の”Electric Warriors”もまさにKretzと言った作品。音の隙間を埋めるような電子音が魅力的なオリジナル、ダンサブルでかつ爽快感があるAE35のremix、そしてダンサブルでありつつもAE35のremixとは対極的に地下へ地下へ潜っていくようなTobitronのremix、Electroとしての方向性は同じでありながらも三者三様の違いと良さを楽しめるナイスな一枚です!

- BAXIM (Tokyo Electro Beat Park)


Following M3taN01a's release a month ago, Swedish Jonas Lund aka Kretz returns to Japanese AGD label; run by AE35, with a second EP of his trademark featuring three tracks ranging from pure Electro, to more Breaks styles.

Influenced early on by the C64, Atari and Amiga scenes, Jonas quickly jumped on the production wagon and so far has committed a dozen of releases on imprints such as Svek, Loop records, Skint Records, Good looking, Mo´wax, React, Paper Recordings, Why Not, Reco-Nice, Plump House, and Sub-Stance just to name but a few under 3 different disguises: Anode, Rex 42 and Kretz.

The present EP kicks off with the title track. "Electronic Warriors" comes in with a vengeance and serves up a wonderful Electro anthem where sharp drums combine to Rotherish and Kraftwerkian melodies. Completed with dark synth flights and catchy vocodered vocals, the tune signs a wonderful track for both dancefloor and home listening pleasures, to bring closer to "Netzwerk Der Zukunft" album published on Psi49net in 2014.

The song comes with two remixes, starting off with the AE35 version. The beats sound harder, the rhythm appears more robotic but the track remains faithful to the main theme. Touches of Electro Funk and new melodic arpeggios complete a brilliant rework aiming to put you in a circle.

Tobitron revisits also "Electronic Warriors" in an uncompromising "Tesla remix" based upon punishing beats, gloomy strings, Sci-Fi tonalities (Do we hear R2D2 in the background?) and more intricate voices. Electrifying and much anticipating at the same!

Craftily produced, this EP is a must have for any Electro lover with a sensitive approach for melodies. Support below and purchase!

- Nexus6 (TechnoBass.net)



released April 27, 2017

Produced By Jonas Lund

Artwork By Jonas Lund
Mastered By Space Thunder X



all rights reserved


Anti Gravity Device Tokyo, Japan

E.L.E.C.T.R.O label based in Tokyo.

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